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Chairman’s Report for the Year 2013 Date: April 10, 2014 To the Members of the Council, On behalf of the Elected Governing Board, I am pleased to present the report on the activities of the Council for the year 2013. Elected Governing Board has the responsibility of running the day to day affairs of the Council and accordingly met 7 times during the year. On the financials of the Council I am glad to inform that the Council had a net cash surplus of Dhs.25,392/-for the year 2013 against the surplus of Dhs.8,947/- for 2012. The net accumulated surplus stands at Dhs.1,23,887/-.The membership of the Council stands at 55 individual members and 48 corporate members at the end of 2013 as against 46 individual members and 36 corporate members at the end of 2012. The IBPC Sharjah Newsmagazine is the only Business Group Magazine in the UAE listed in the Middle East MEDIA GUIDE 2012. The magazine with a print run of 6000 copies is distributed to the business community from all nationalities by email and print covering almost 20,000 readers. The news magazine carries the roundup of all the major Indian business events in UAE, information about Indian business community, achievements & awards received by the Indian businessmen. It should also be noted that the IBPC Sharjah news magazine has been very useful for the SCCI members and its library users to know about India – UAE trade and relations. Hence, the magazine has been added to the India section of SCCI library where it is readily available for reference. Thanks to Media Seen the PR agency and the Editorial Team for their professional support to the IBPC Sharjah News magazine. A special word of appreciation to Mr. Tanvir Kanji for devoting his time and efforts to make every issue unique and interesting. Page 1 of 3
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